Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wedding Day!

Woke up this morning and the weather......beautiful! Spent time with the bridesmaids getting ready and getting our hair done.....beautiful! And that is just how the day started!

Our wedding day was fantastic! The location was amazing and having all of our family and friends there was EPIC. Everything went perfect, not one hitch in site....well, except for not remembering which finger to put Bill's ring on! I am so so happy that I stuck to the vision of what I wanted my wedding to be. As casual and unique as it seemed it could not have been more perfect for the two of us. I think everyone had an amazing time, and I 100% know that we did. It's nice to actually say that I remember every little thing and it wasn't all a hectic blur.
So now, I'm officially a Ball! It feels good and was soo worth the wait. Stay tuned for pictures, it felt like the paparazzi was there so I'm sure there is going to be a ton!

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