Monday, October 29, 2007

An unfortunate post....

Sadly today was the last day of our little Louie's life. The cancer got the best of him while we were gone and we couldn't watch him suffer. All is better now and we know that Louie is better off. It was extremely hard to let him go and even harder to be home without him. I know this is a bummer of a post to write and read so I will leave you with some of the funny Louie memories that have happened over the years to make you smile.

-Louie sitting on a large wrapped Christmas package under the tree so he could look out the window.

-Growling at Ketlers when he walked out of the tent camping and saw him rustling in his sleeping bag on a cot.

-Chasing peacocks at the patch.

-Gazing at the Christmas Tree lights.

-Ripping open tubes of tennis balls, and being able to pop a new ball in a matter of minutes.

-Walking up and down the lawn with Bill while he mows the lawn.

-Trying to get the water to stop on a sprinkler by sticking his face in it.

-Sleeping in the trunk of the car with his head in the coffee filters.

-Bobbing around in Donner Lake with his life preserver on.

-Clawing down every snowman that I tried to make.

-ALWAYS walking in the pumpkin guts and wrapping paper at Halloween and Christmas.

-Jumping in the air for popcorn.

-Licking his chops when he got bites of my bean burrito!


Carisa said...

My heart goes out to you and Bill.

Sarah said...

Stacey, I'm doing some serious blog catch up and just got to this sad news. I'm so sorry about Louie. I never met him and I'm not a dog person, but I feel like I got to know him a little through the blogs. I just feel so sad about reading this news. I hope you are doing ok with it all. =(


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