Friday, October 12, 2007

Set up and ready to go!!

Today the barn got all set up for the wedding. I have to say that it came out PERFECT! I feel like it's exactly what I was picturing in my head and I couldn't be happier. It rained ALL DAY, much more than it was saying it would. I'm really hoping that this means there will be no rain tomorrow, fingers crossed.
We also had our family dinner tonight. We didn't do a rehearsal dinner because, well, we really didn't need to rehearse and the group was super big. It was nice having all the family together since our families haven't really spent that much time together. Surprising considering we've been together 9 years! Bill's parents through the party for us and it was fantastic. The food was delicious and the cake too. As you can tell, Bill and the kids really enjoyed it!

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