Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sad sack...

Louie is not doing so hot again. A couple weeks ago he fell out of the truck while trying to jump in. Note to self: No more dog jumping in truck. Back to the story....afterwards he was a little sore for a day but then was right back to his normal self. This past Saturday Bill noticed a lump in Louie's right armpit. I poked around at it to see if he was something that hurt him and he didn't seem to mind. A couple hours later I noticed that Louie was growing an udder. Yes, you read that right UDDER! He seemed to have liquid accumulating under the skin. We got him into the vet today and the Dr. thinks that he has an infection due to trauma to the shoulder. He now has two udders and a hard mass along his body which is apparently his mamorie glands swelling. Now, keep in mind that mamorie glands typically don't swell in male dogs only females. If you remember a couple weeks ago to the bladder infection post you may remember that male dogs don't typically get bladder infections either. Needless to say Louie is now on bedrest and I'm reading him "Middlesex." This unfortunately means that Louie won't be in the wedding! So sad!

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Sarah said...

The Middlesex comment was hilarious, but I'm sorry that he can't go to the wedding. =( That's sad.


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