Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Heartbreak Kid

I keep seeing this preview for the new Ben Stiller movie called "The Heartbreak Kid." This preview drives me CRAZY. The premise of the movie....guy who won't commit meets girl that he thinks is "the one" and desides to marry her. Of course as soon as he marrys her, she completely changes and now he's stuck. What is the deal with this mentality?! One thing that drives Bill and I crazy are all the people that say, "Just wait till you're married" as if everything is going to change. First of all, we have been together NINE YEARS. If we've both been pulling the wool over each others eyes for nine years then we should be in the acting business. I'm going to write a movie that teaches the importance of not rushing into a marriage. One that says it really isn't crazy to stay together with someone for nine years and not pressure him into getting married.

I became even more bothered when I discovered that this movie is a remake!! Like it didn't suck enough the first time around?! Is there anyone out there that knew this movie existed back in the 70's? No......exactly!!

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Sarah said...

Just wait until you get married. You'll understand then. ;)


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