Wednesday, August 01, 2007

You sneaky thief!!!

I came home last week to find a mysterious Fed Ex package on my porch that had been ripped open. When I looked inside it was empty of course! The name on the outside was for someone that lived down the street so I gave her a call and told her that someone stole her goods and put the empty box on my porch. This really perplexed me though cause I couldn't imagine why someone would walk all the way up to my porch just to ditch a box?

The mystery was solved! The same day, I apparently had a box on my porch waiting for me. It appears that the said thief stole box of the porch of the neighbor and while driving by my house noticed a box so walked up and swapped. I got the empty box and the thief now has a bathing suit (from the neighbor) and a pair of shoes! Luckily Amazon is VERY cool and credited the whole transaction for the shoes. I will shop there more because of this.

As for theives....they are really sneaky bastards!

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