Saturday, August 18, 2007

Supernanny...we need you!

Yesterday I had an interesting experience on my way home from New Mexico. While sitting in the airport, waiting a board, a family came into the waiting area. You spotted them right away because they had two boys who were out of control and the parents seemed oblivious to it all. The youngest boy was two and a half, I know cause they sat right next to me and I asked. The boy had a DIRTY face, DIRTY shirt and diaper on. No shoes, no pants. He was pretty cute though cause he had the BIGGEST cheeks of any kid I've ever seen. I started trying to talk to him, but he was in the process of cramming some croissant into his mouth, thus explaining the chubby cheeks.

Finally, when he was empty mouthed, I asked him what his name was. He looked directly at me and responded, "Stupid asshole." I actually asked him again because I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but he said it again plain as day. The father just sort of chuckled it off and blamed the older brother. I personally have my own opinion! The kid proceeded to punch me and call me an asshole a couple more times. Pretty crazy!

We had another experience with him on the plane. Carol went to the back of the plane where the family was and the kid had a crayon and was drawing all over the back of the tray table. The mother was completely aware and obviously didn't care a bit.

Where is the Supernanny when you need her?

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Sarah said...

I honestly believe you should have to take a test to be allowed to have children! Sounds mean, but think about it.


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