Monday, August 27, 2007

Dear Mr. Spider

Hello old friend! Every year you come to our yard and build one of your amazing webs and FREAK ME OUT! I am scared of you, and I am facinated by you. I am most disturbed that you decided to build your web right outside my bedroom window. Can't you stick to the backyard in a neutral corner? Now I just have images when I go to bed at night that you are peering in at me with all your little eyes!!


Sarah said...

That is truly horrible. We have a spider that builds a VERY scary looking HUGE web between the two shrubs that are on either side of our entryway ever year! Over and over again. We tear it down, he builds it back. I THANKFULLY have never walked into it, but have come really really close several times. It's disturbing. I hate to use my front door anymore. The funniest part, if I'm able to find any humor in it, is that the spider is about the size of a pea. Your spider looks HORRIBLE!!!

EveryGirl said...

I saw this spider the other day when I was skulking around your house trying to break in to perform my auntie duties for Louie...she freaked me out and I had to leave. She is GIANT!


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