Friday, August 10, 2007

Another kitchen post!

Too keep with the trend, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post about something else in my kitchen. Placerville has this great kitchen store called Tony Matthews Fine Goods. I like it because unlike most kitchen stores it isn't a complete cluttered mess! Plus, they always have cool gadgets. Most recently I have fallen in love with "The Grid" potholders. I've always struggled with potholders because I usually burn the fabric ones and the silicone ones are stiff and slippery. These potholders are also made with silicone but are super flexible and rubbery feeling. They can be used as potholders, jar openers or to get your cutting board to stick to the counter. I now have 5 of them! I'm so afraid that I will never find them again that I get a new color each time I go to Placerville. You can get yours at Amazon if you don't live in the area!

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