Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today I had a super scary experience which no photo can capture. I was waiting, first in line, at a light to turn left. Suddenly a car pulling out of the parking lot I wanted to turn into got hit by a car running the light driving straight. The cars crashed directly in front of me and started coming towards my car and at the last second one slid to the left and one to the right missing my car by inches. Both cars had tons of damage, especially the car that got hit. His tire with some of the axle attached broke off and landed just outside my drivers side door. I just sat there in shock with glass all over the hood and windshield of my car.

Both drivers got taken out on stretchers, but were conscious at the time. Unfortunately I will probably never know what happened to them. I wish them the best, and also thank whoever was responsible for keeping me safe!

Makes me think twice about the times I've accidentally run a red light...sorry Kristin and Becki, I promise to be more careful next time!!

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