Monday, July 09, 2007

Thank you for your support!!

Just a quick thanks to everyone that supported me for the walk. I was able to raise $1800 and the overall total raised by everyone for the event was 5.4 million dollars! This money is going to such a good cause and will help those that don't have the best medical insurance to get the care they need and deserve for breast examinations, treatment and research. I feel so proud to have taken this journey and so thankful to all those that supported me.

Thank you: Linda and Bruce Adams, The Bakers, The Balls (Dan, Paula, Matt, Alli, Bob and Joan), The Barnabys, Ken Beik, Stacey Brown, The Camerons, Ellen Chamberlin, Sarah Duffy, Carey Fudurich, Karen and Tom, Mike Inchausti, Eric Ketelsen, Grandma, Amy Pine, Lisette Fowler, Jennifer Rodrigues, Joanne Sales, The Seversons, Nana, The Strouds, The Trottis, The Weavers, Lucy Katavich, Rebecca Parker, Oana York, Kristin Curtis, Adam and Kate, Chris Grijalva, Wendy Grimm, Krista Young, Shea Nelson, Bob Souza and Kim Leytem. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!!
You can see all the pictures from the event on Flickr at:

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