Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sooo disturbing!!!

I was in Raley's today for work and saw something that really bothered me. At one of the cafe tables were about 5 boys, who I would guess were around 10 years old. They were all sitting there drinking copious amounts of energy drinks. Each of them put down about two in a matter of around 30 minutes at the most. They were very visibly affected by them, shaking their legs, watering eyes, one was even sitting there embracing his body and looking ill. Everyone in the cafe was sitting and watching the scene, some staring in amazement and others laughing. I personally wanted to walk over and start grabbing boys by the ears and pour the drinks over their heads while I dragged them outside. I know I work for a coffee company, and am a slinger of caffeine but I DEFINITELY don't think this is something that a 10 year old needs. Or most adults for that matter. There really be some regulation against kids buying these drinks. Boy do I sound like a parent.

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