Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Popularity Dialer

Everday I get an email from a website called Daily Candy. Basically they send out fun things that they find. This could be a website, a restaurant, clothes, products, etc. Yesterday I got one that I find fascinating and very odd. It's call The Popularity Dialer. Basically this is sold that if you've ever been somewhere and wished you could get a phone call, then the popularity dialer will do that. You give it your number and tell it when you would like a call and what type of call you would like and you're phone will ring. There's about 6 different types of call to choose from, I'm leaning towards the Male English Lover call myself. It's a pretty funny concept that I would never use, but I really wonder if there is a big market for this?! Guess I'll have to check back on the site in 6 months and see if it's still running. You can check it out at:


Josh Fleming said...

I am surprised it hasn't caught on as a prank. That's what I used it for. Great results. Kind of pathetic in its approach though. I mean, are we really so sad that we have to fake being popular? Perhaps people should spend more time making friends instead of pretending to have them.

Lorie said...

Ever been on a really bad date? This could rival ditchmail by youmail as the most useful bad date tool


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