Monday, June 04, 2007

Welcome to Club Aqua!!

I'm out of Sac for another week of fun in Reno. I'll be working ALOT on this leg so won't have too much time to galavant around. I'm determined that next time I'm here I'm going to find some of the cool stuff that the locals do when they aren't into casinos.

For this trip I'll just have to enjoy Club Aqua aka my hotel room. Everything in the room is a shade of aqua and talk about the mirrors! Holy moly! Unfortunaly in the picture you can't make out the tv, which was on when I came in the room, and was displaying underwater life swimming around. It was pretty entertaining. Talk about setting the mood! I discovered that this is a channel that I can watch 24-7 if I want to. Channel 28: Underwater Sea

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