Thursday, June 07, 2007


Dear Mr. Piss Bottle,

Hello Mr. Piss Bottle. I don't know you on a first name basis, but you know who you are. Let me start by saying that I know it's a long drive from Reno to Winnemucca. I also know that sometimes the rest stops and gas stations are few and far between. What I don't understand Mr. Piss Bottle is why you have to drink so much liquid that it is necessary for you to piss in a bottle while driving! I understand even less why you must throw your bottles of piss out the window and onto the side of the highway. I know it's easy for you to just whip it out and piss in a bottle, and maybe I am slightly jealous. Even more so I am disgusted by the fact that I lost count in the double digits at how many of your piss bottles I saw. Please, Mr. Piss Bottle, try to be a little more caring next time and plan your liquid consumption so innocent bystanders like myself do not have to find themselves so bored that the succumb to counting bottles of your piss!!

Thank you,
Bored in Nevada

*To all you other innocent bystanders out there I have saved you the grossness and did not take a picture of Mr. Piss Bottles litter!


The Kid said...

We all thank you for your service.

Rebecca said...

I know its not going to help in Nevada but...


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