Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh Dr. Oz................

I have allergies....mean, brutal, painful and exhausting allergies. I have had them for years and they get worse and worse each year. I've done pretty good so far this year thanks to my good friend Astelin (whom I blogged about before.)

Then along comes Dr. Oz on Oprah. Yeah, I go blogging about Oprah again! Apparently there is this thing called a Neti pot which basically cleanses out your sinuses using salt water. You put the pot spout in one nostril, tilt your head and the water comes pouring out the other nostril. Yes, I know..sounds very weird. Dr. Oz claims, and had people there to back him up, that this can make allergies go away if done daily because it removes all the allergins from the nostrils.

I broke down and got one. I've tried it once so far. It feels really weird, but I'll keep giving it a try in hopes that it works. I'm not sure how much I trust that Dr. Oz. I find him interesting, but there is also something that creeps me out about a guy in scrubs with his chest hair showing through his v-neck scrub top while wearing ridiculous slip on/mule style tennis shoes. I'm also not sure how much I trust the fact that when I searched google for a neti pot photo...this is what I got!!


Rebecca said...

Eeww. who are you george from six feet under?

itsodark said...

my name is jody thompson. i am in this photo. it was taken at the chelsea location of whole foods market in new york city! i do love the netti pot!!!!


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