Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pet peeve, but funny...

Since Bill and I have gotten engaged we have the occasional comments from people about how it's all going to change when we get married.
"Better take that trip now, cause once you get married..."
"Don't wait, the fun is soon almost over."

It drives me F%*$)@*N crazy!

This brings we to the current story. As I've said about a million times, I really like Ray Lamontagne so of course I am on his mailing list. I got an email today saying that he is playing at the Lyon's Folk Festival in Lyons Colorado for a weekend in August. Here are the reasons I would LOVE to go to this show:
1. A weekend full of music
2. I've always wanted to go to Colorado
3. I like the Folk variety
4. I love camping
5. Ray is going to be there!

Here are the reasons that I won't be able to attend:
1. I'm planning a wedding.

Uh oh, it's started already.

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