Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Finger Update

The finger is back to normal size! Still not sure what happened, but it has something to do with arthritis and calcification. Just don't know why it flaired up like it did.

Luckily now I can't be referred to using nicknames that reference tube shaped meat products!!

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jp said...

I'm not saying it was gout (which I've had in my foot - quite painful), but the diet suggestions I was given might help- since it's primarily anti-inflammatory advice:

Avoiding alcohol, high-purine foods, such as meat, fish, dry beans (also lentils and peas), mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, and cauliflower can lower plasma urate levels. In addition, consuming purine-neutralizing foods, such as fresh fruits (especially cherries and strawberries) and most fresh vegetables, diluted celery juice, distilled water, and B-complex and C vitamins can also help lower plasma urate levels.

A possible "natural" cure is a berry extract supplement consisting of bilberry, blueberry or cherry extracts. The anthocyanins which give the berries their blue and purple hues, after entering the body, turn into powerful anti-inflammatories.

Glad your fingers are nimble again! :-)


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