Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yet another collection....

I have another secret collection that is slowly starting to grow. I have developed an obsession with the garden gnome. I just got a new one at Target and I think that puts me at 5 total in the front yard. There is a story behind the garden gnome though that I think explains why it is important to me.
Before my senior year of highschool I went on a trip to Australia and my mom was throwing me a going away party of sorts. My friend Megan and I decided that our party needed flowers, but it was well after midnight and no stores would be open. So, we decided the next best thing was to steal flowers. Our plan was to drive around in the local neighborhoods and cut flowers out of yards, being sure not to take so many from any one yard that the owner would even notice. It was quite successful really! During this trip we ran across this yard that was COMPLETELY covered with ceramic figurines and rock. There wasn't a piece of grass or plant in sight, and literally over 200 ceramic figures. Being the thieves we were, we decide to steal one. Trying to make ourselves feel better about the theft, we decided to gift it to someone. So, we drove over to our friend Kim's house and put it on the porch. Turned out her mom, the cop ironically, LOVED it.

The next year, we got her another one and put it on the porch. She knew what we were doing but apparently liked the figures so much she turned a blind eye to our clepto obsession. The third year I went back again and every figure in the yard was bolted or chained down. They were keeping a close eye on their figures and didn't like the missing pieces.

Is my payback to now become one of those ceramic figure collectors myself?! By the way, I promise that all of the figures on my lawn were purchased and my days of stealing are over.

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Wendy said...

I'm glad to know that I've contributed to your garden knick knack collection...and if you ever revert to your old should check out the yard across from my mom's house ;)


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