Tuesday, January 16, 2007

They're after me Lucky Charms!

I have a weird affliction that I have hung onto since my childhood. I still love Lucky Charms. About once a year I break down and buy myself a box. Each year I am noticing a change in Lucky Charms. The marshmallow to frosted oat ratio is getting higher and higher. As a kid there just wasn't as many mellows in there! Now at least half of what is on your spoon is marshmallows. In a sense I understand why they are doing it. As a kid it was always a bummer when you got halfway through your cereal and your marshmallows were gone. On the other hand, you really learned to appreciate those marshmallows. Now the children of today will be taking marshmallows for granted.

What's the world coming to, and who knew I would have such a deep moment during my breakfast of Lucky Charms?

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