Monday, January 22, 2007

How cute I would be...

I have a tendancy when I'm telling a story to tell a different story in order to tell my original story. This is something that my mom has perfected, only she has figured out how to weave multiple stories into her single story mission. It's amazing, so here I go...

I started looking at blogs about two years ago. My friend Rebecca told me about the world of blogging and sent me a couple sites to check out. Only one I have continued to look at almost every day. That is Jenny lives in Rochester and is a designer for Kodak. She's an incredibly crafty person and is always involved or visiting something new. It's weird how many things I could tell you about her, but when you've been looking at someones blog for a couple years it's amazing what you learn. I highly recommend that everyone checks her blog out, it's one of the best out there in my opinion.

This leads to my current post. Jenny had a posting about designing your own M&M character. I checked it out myself and I think I would make a cute M&M!

You can create your own by visiting That took about four paragraphs just to tell you I'd be a cute M&M. My mom would be so proud! Love you Mom!

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