Thursday, December 21, 2006

The S List

Every year you hear about "The O List." The list containing all of Oprah's favorite things...all things I can never afford. So, this year I'm going to treat you all to "The S List." These are 10 of my favorite things from 2006 and I assure that you can afford each one of them!

1. Gap Slippers: Each year The Gap releases a new version of these slippers. They are the best slippers I have ever owned in my life and I currently own three pair! I will be buying a pair of the sherpa style no doubt!

2. Rocket Dog "Joint" series shoes: Ever since I sprained the ankle I have had to resort to tennis shoe wearing...which I have always HATED. Until I found these little beauties. Super comfy and look cute with any outfit. I won't even admit to how many of these I have (super cheap at Off Broadway!)

3. The VD: No I didn't catch an STD this year, but I did come up with a delicious drink for all to enjoy. First take vanilla rum and put it over ice, then pour some Diet Dr Pepper over the top and ENJOY! I swear to you it's delicious whether you like Diet or like Dr Pepper for that matter.

4. Mrs. Mays Nut Crunch: One of the yummiest healthy snacks to hit the market. You can pick up snack size bags at your local Costco. The Cashew Crunch is the best!

5. The Seatbelt Bag: I've become a purse person over the past couple years, but since I bought one of these bags I cannot buy another. I recommend the large tote. Perfect size and feels great on the arm!

6. Portable Folding Speakers from Radio Shack: Work great with any MP3 player. Perfect for camping trips!! Thanks Beesk!

7. Pecan Passion products from Bath and Body Works: Rub this on and smell like a cookie!

8. Buxom Lip Gloss by Bare Essentials: Plump them up and make them sexy without feeling gross!

9. Method Spicy Pear Reed Diffusers: The house will smell yummy with one of these. Unfortunately the website doesn't sell them...but go to Target, a store that could easily be on this top 10!!

10. Smart Wool Socks: Another thing I've always disliked wearing, socks! I'm just a huge flip flop or bare foot fan. It all changed when I found smart wools. Don't be scared, they aren't itchy at all!! They also come in all colors and shapes!!

There you have it! You have made it through "The S List" and if you bought stuff along the way you didn't end up bankrupt. The biggest different between "The O List" and "The S List" is I'm not actually going to give you anything off the list for free. Sorry!

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