Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You're not fooling me...

Listen here "Fruity Cheerios," I have you all figured out. You come in, acting all new but you are just Fruit Loops in a different box. You can tease me with having Cheerios in your name, but I know you will taste delicious at first and then ultimately make the roof of my mouth feel raw. I'm not buying it Fruity Cheerios! There's something fruity going on here besides your flavor!!


Anonymous said...

I bought these because Nicole likes regular Cherrios, and she wanted the colorful ones. They do NOT taste like Fruit Loops (so Jesse and Nicole say). Definitely not something either one of them like because I still have a bag and a half of them (bought the box of 2 at Sam's Club - dummy me). I guess I will give them a shot in the morning.

--Vicki =o)

Vicki said...

OK, so I am eating the Fruity Cherrios, and they do have the slight taste of Fruit Loops, but the dense texture of Cherrios. Just not right. Fruit Loops are airy, and I think have more fat or what ever. Froot Loops always leave a greasy film in my mouth after eating them. I DO NOT like these Fruity Cherrios.


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