Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Saving the world one Ziploc at a time!

Flew home today from the Long Beach airport and oh what fun I had. In the past three weeks I have flown out of Sacramento twice and out of Orange County once and with the other traveling I do I learn the ins and outs of the "Security Check." Wear limited jewelry, flip flops and no belt.

On the trip home I was asked by the super security officer, "Do you have any lipgloss in your bag?" I in fact did, but the lipgloss and hand sanitzer has been in my bag everytime I've gone through Security since the whole liquid scare. It's not just floating around in my bag, but all in a nice little makeup zipper pouch. I was told that all these items needed to be a in quart sized Ziploc bag or I would have to throw them away. I could obtain a Ziploc from the Gift Store at the airport, which meant going out of the security and into another building then come back through and repeat the process over again with my Ziploc in tow. I told the Security officer that no other airport has made me do this and to just throw it away to which he argued that it was such a waste and I should really go get a Ziploc.

I succumbed, but this all made me wonder....what the heck is this Ziploc accomplishing. Is the Ziploc material some super power kryptonite that will make any hazardous combust?! What is this Ziploc doing that my cosmetic case is not? Now I normally don't get uptight about these things, but these security steps are really getting ridiculous. I'm so glad to know that I'm keeping the world and all flights safe by keeping my items in this Ziploc.

Oh, and to the lady who was in line behind me on my return trip through security:

I don't think anyone saw me smuggle your lipglosses in my Ziploc!! I'm glad I saved you a trip to the Gift Shop!!

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