Monday, November 13, 2006

Ray Lamontagne

Went to see lovely Ray tonight! He was amazing as usual, but nothing will top the first show. There were some sound issues at the show last night. Even more annoying was the lively audience and their obnoxious rantings. For those of you that haven't seen Ray before, he's an amazing powerful singer....and a super quiet shy speaker. He comes over very timid until he starts belting out tunes. So, when people are crying out, "Take off your shirt!" you know you are going to have a problem. I dreaded the end of every song because I didn't want to know what people were going holler next. Ray did well though and probably had the most interaction with the crowd ever!

The show was at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland which has to be one of the most beautiful theatres ever. The picture is of the ceiling which is just spectaculr! The other bonus was as Rebecca and I were walking out we noticed a handout for an upcoming Damien Rice show!! Can't beat two favorite musicians right now!

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