Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Letter

People have asked what Frances wrote about me in the nomination letter. So here it is.*

*Kleenex may be required during the reading of this post.

Hi my name is Frances. I got into this program when I was 11 1/2, but two months later I was 12. I was having a hard time with my dad, he had just got out of my life. He didn't want to be in my life anymore but it is ok cause I am use to that with him. He wants to see me when he is good and ready. Now that I am in this program I met a sister named Stacey. Now that I met her it replaces my loss. I had got into this program on August 23,2005. This was a special day cause I got to meet Stacey. She was the best person I had ever met. She's not fake like my dad, she's the real deal. She taught me many new things like a new way to sew that's faster and better also we are in the process of learning how to knit. I like Stacey a whole lot. She fills the empty space in my heart. I hope we stay together forever, I care for her and I know inside she cares for me. Why does Stacey deserve to win sister of the year award, because she's not just a sister she's a friend. Stacey does alot of fun things with me like movies, marine world, the circus, San Francisco and many many more. When our six months was up a month later we had a sleep over. Usually I wouldn't sleep, but this time I slept like a baby. I felt good about that because that means I am comfortable with her and I am. Stacey also deserves to win this because we like to do new things like when we went to Marine World we touched a dolphin, it felt like rubber. We rode an elephant, if you ever want to don't cause it hurts a whole lot. It's bumpy and the way that you sit..ouch. We also fed a seal and the dolphin. This was the first time doing any of these great things. When we fed them I touched a fish, a real dead fish. Yuck! But it was dead thank god and it was frozen. When we went to San Francisco we went to the aquarium and we got to touch a starfish and a tiger shark. Stacey makes me feel part of her family. When I went to Stacey's dinner party I got to meet her brother, his wife and Jason their son. I also got to meet her sister Tami, her two kids and husband. I also got to meet her dad, he was funny. I even met the family doctor. On our anniversary Stacey bought me and her matching bracelets, it says Sister and inside Make the best friends. And it is true because we are best friends. She's like my real sister and I tell people she is. I really like her personality and I even like her funny boyfriend Bill and her family. Stacey is a great sister. I hope we keep in touch when I am an adult, I'll never forget her. Stacey isn't a volunteer to this program, she is my sister. She is nice and polite and she treats me with a lot of respect. She shows me an awesome time. Not a good or great time, an awesome time. We are also similar to each other. We both have allergies, we don't like to shop in malls, we like to read, we are crafty and lastly out going and many more. Stacey is a role model to me like my mom. Stacey is an awesome big sister to me and I'm glad I got to be her lil sister. Stacey deserves this award more than anyone I know. I wanted to enter her cause she deserves it. I don't like Stacey, I love her, she's family to me.


Wendy said...

This made me cry. She is pretty awesome. What a well written letter! Congrats!!

Vicki said...

That is awsome. You deserve it Stacey. I know you enjoy being her big sister, and this letter shows how commited you are. You are a great person, and now you have an Oscar to prove it. =o)


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