Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cherry Tomato

Let me just start by saying NEVER buy a Chevy Aveo. First off, if you can nickname a car "Cherry Tomato" it may not be a car you want to drive around. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about the little cars but there is an economy version of the said Aveo that rental agencies like to hand out. Let me just point out the things I don't like about the economy Aveo:

1. If you drive over 60 you feel as if you are losing control of the car and it may go sliding into the side walls of the freeway at any moment.

2. You have to hand crank down the windows.

3. You have to hand push down the door locks.

4. The drivers side door actually has to be locked from the outside with a key as there is no way to hand push it down.

5. When you are 5'10" you look absolutely ridiculous climbing out of the car.

6. The shifter (although it's automatic) is sticky and annoying.

Now, some of the above list may be trite. I know there was a time we all locked our doors and rolled down our windows manually. We also wore MC Hammer pants and had big bangs...neither of which I plan on bringing back!! The only plus I can say is there is absolutely NO risk of locking your keys in the car, but there is risk of not locking the car and having something stolen. Then again if there is a thief out there that would be enticed by this vehicle please speak now!!

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