Thursday, November 09, 2006

Any less of a man?

Our friend G came by last weekend for dinner and of course brought some brewskis with him. These weren't your everyday average beers....these were mini me beers!! Coors is making these little 8oz can of Coors Light and they are absolutely hilarious. Who are the meant for? Are they for dieters who are really trying to cut back on the "empty calorie" intake? For designated drivers who just want a "little something" to drink? I think Coors should go on a whole advertisement campaign with these. Instead of silver bullets they can be marketed silver bb's. I think their target audience would have to be ladies with these cause I just can't see a guy looking very manly drinking out of one considering that you can't even see it in their hands! It kind of goes hand in hand with drinking out of a straw.

Don't worry G....the Wild Turkey in your other hand earned you back the man points you lost with the mini beers!!

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