Friday, October 20, 2006

Post From The Road

So, the first night in LA was quite eventful! I got to the airport...everything smooth. Got to the rental car...everything smooth. Visited my sights...everything smooth. Then I got to the hotel. It all started good enough. I got checked in, had a fluffy king bed in a non smoking room and good movies on hbo. Then I fell asleep. I'd say it was about 11pm (because I'd just finished watching 1 vs.100). I set my alarm for 8am, but I always wake up at 7am so I was just using it as a back up.

Suddenly, in a dead of sleep, I was awoken to the loudest alarm sound ever. It took me a while in my groggy state to realize that this was not the sound of the "wake-up" alarm, this was the sound of the FIRE ALARM. Shortly there after a recorded message came on saying, "There is a fire emergency, please exit the building immediately." I threw on slippers and a sweatshirt, grabbed my purse and went out the door. I limped down the 5 flights of stairs, didn't waste time putting my brace on, and joined the other hotel visitors outside in the lot. It was a sad sight! The hotel I stay at is minutes from Disneyland so here were these poor families carrying sleepy eyed kids in their arms. I would have loved to take a picture, but probably would have gotten beat down by the mob.

We were let back in the building and I joined at least half the mob at the front desk, because of course I did not take a room key with me. I then hobbled back up the stairs and noticed on the fourth floor a familiar smoky smell.....that of burnt microwave popcorn. Isn't it amazing how that smell is something that you can always identify?! Even more amazing is how it can neccesitate a "fire emergency" and empty an entire hotel!

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